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Useful Tools

1. Damn NFO Viewer DOWNLOAD LINK - This is to read the readme.nfo files that come in the mods that Crispy makes.

2. WinRAR or FilZIP
New Mod - No Proxy Server 1.01
I just released a new mod for PCW 1.21... this mod is a "No Proxy Server" mod. What am I talking about? well this mod blocks access to your site from proxy servers. Why do I want to do this? well most site scripts that post crap on your site might be coming from a proxy server. these kiddies use these to hide their true IP from you... thus stopping your efforts from blocking their IP address in the IP Ban section of the admin panel.
Post By CRiSPy
10th Mar 2005, 8:01pm
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Old Mods are coming back
I am fixing and uploading the old mods to the download area.

I have added these mods:

1. MP3 Player BETA 5 (New and fixed)
2. ServerSPY Mod
3. Private Message Mod BETA I (Addd BBcode into messages)
4. Retro Games Mod v1

More to come.
Post By CRiSPy
11th Dec 2004, 12:33pm
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Private Message System Beta-H
I am releaseing the first beta release of the Private Message System. It is BETA but very solid, and very secure. Check it out. Simple to install only two steps.

Post By CRiSPy
24th Nov 2004, 2:42pm
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New Mod Coming - PM SYSTEM
A new mod is about to come your way. Soon for testing. A Private Message system. This is system is just reaching the final stages of build dev. time.... I can't wait for this release. After that then it will be an update of the Total Stats Mod which has been needing it.
Post By CRiSPy
24th Nov 2004, 8:03am
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CT-MP3 Player 0.54 BETA
I just finished releasing the newest build of the mp3 player i made. It is 100% 1.20 ready. It can be found in the Download area of theis site.

Post By CRiSPy
10th Nov 2004, 7:18am
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Mod New Home
The site has been merged in with the main site and will now announce information on phpclanwebsite mods from this page.

Add this page to your favourites.

Post By Badadz
19th Oct 2004, 3:34pm
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