Private Message System Beta-H
I am releaseing the first beta release of the Private Message System. It is BETA but very solid, and very secure. Check it out. Simple to install only two steps.

Post By CRiSPy 24th Nov 2004, 2:42pm

Comment from crispy (25th Nov 2004, 10:43pm)
??hum. can you email your url and an account that I can check this out on. I would Like to see this error. as I am not geting it.

Comment from Badadz (24th Nov 2004, 4:29pm)
??Good work. Seems to work great. I did notice 1 thing you missed though but it should be an easy fix.

- Smilies/ bbcode dont show when recieving messages from someone. (ie your inbox)

Comment from CRiSPy (24th Nov 2004, 5:56pm)
??Opps my bad. I didn't remember that part


BETA to the bone.

Comment from CRiSPy (24th Nov 2004, 6:26pm)
??it uses the css from the download section. LOL

i think that should be the only main issue.

Some side notes:

1. If you send a PM to someone and you later go into the sentbox you might notice it is gone. Most likely it was because the person you sent it to deleted it or saved it in there savebox.

This is beta so the graphics can change and might do so. also the layout and planing of the code structure. I plan already to make it more theme friendly.

Comment from Domonsura (25th Nov 2004, 9:35pm)
??i am getting the following error after install.......

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysqlquery() in /home/www/ on line 28

The install appeared to go smoothly, and tables were installed, no error messages.
What am i missing?

Comment from CRiSPy (9th Dec 2004, 5:14pm)
??that error comes from older version of PCW it will go away if you upgrade to pcw 1.20

Comment from www.TheLivinglegends.or (19th Jun 2006, 6:14pm)
??The download link doesn't work

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