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· Aceftp -
Aceftp is a free ftp software package. Great for uploading your phpwebsite package onto your server. Easy to use and very powerful.
We Rate it 9.6/10

· ahfb2000 Scripts -
Useful resource for scripts and other website help.

· Clan-Directory -
Clan-Directory gives you a directory of clan sites for Pc Gamers and Xbox Live users alike, find clans to join challenge or just list your PhpClanWebsite to be rated or slated!

· FileZIP -
FilZIP is a archive utility that can open up almost any archive. you can use this to open Phpclanwebsite package and mods. Full support (add and extract) support for ZIP (including Quake III's PK3),BH (BlakHole), CAB (Microsoft Cabinet),JAR (JavaARchive), LHA (LZH), TAR and GZIP(TAR.GZ) plus more. PLUS IT IS FREE!

· FTP Explorer -
A free ftp client which will alllow you to easily upload your phpclanwebsite

· -
Our recommended source for PHP scripts and other information. 10/10

· Ibserver -
This great package lets you execute php pages on your own pc just like the web. It includes: PHP engine, Apache, MYSQL, PhpMyadmin + more. Great for testing your pages offline. 19mb

· List of Free PHP Hosts -
THis is a very good list of free webhosts that have bothphp and mysql, and therefore should be ok for Phpclanwebsite.

· Mpanel -
Very useful script for those sites with mysql databases who do not give you access to Phpmyadmin. Upload this to your server and you will be able to access your mysql database to make changes etc.
Rated: 10/10

· Scriptsearch -
Great resource for other usefule PHP scripts that you can integrate with phpclanwebsite. ie Shoutbox