Old Mods are coming back
I am fixing and uploading the old mods to the download area.

I have added these mods:

1. MP3 Player BETA 5 (New and fixed)
2. ServerSPY Mod
3. Private Message Mod BETA I (Addd BBcode into messages)
4. Retro Games Mod v1

More to come.
Post By CRiSPy 11th Dec 2004, 12:33pm

Comment from Jubai (28th Dec 2004, 9:24am)
??sorry for this question but i've 2 problems:

first of all i can NOT login in the forum on this page i tried it 2 days. but no luck (

so i've to ask you here [sorry again!!]:

is it possible to write a newsposter-script?? i think this is very important, because i do not want to give a member the whole admin rights only because he want to write a news. so i would be very happy if someone would write a mod :D

second problem:
in the membersarea you can show your icq number. this feature getting lost on my homepage ( i don't know why. everybody can choose between icq, msn aso but where can you type in your number???

okay, that's all


Comment from CRiSPy (2nd Jan 2005, 1:16pm)
??the moderator mod is about 65% complete and that will be able to handle your needs for a moderator to post news.

Comment from CRiSPy (23rd Feb 2005, 9:23pm)
??Sorry about the delay in reply. I am working hard on this. Ina matter of fact I am working on making a super User panel that will be a profile area and admin/moderator area all in one mod. It is a super mod that will be super nice. I am so sorry about the delay in this mod. But goodness comes when things are given the lovin from the start.

Comment from dude (13th Feb 2005, 8:54pm)
??moderator mod still on hold?

Comment from xardass (9th Aug 2005, 7:17pm)
??pretty cool heh

Comment from Atthack (21st Oct 2006, 11:30am)
??Look is it possible to make a change for the forum registration so that I don't have to accept EVERY SINGLE DAMN USER MANUALLY??

Can't you setup so that it will f.ex have "Image Code Verification" and then it will automatically work afterwards?

Just an idea...

Comment from Atthack (31st Oct 2006, 8:27am)
??Sorry i got the answer in the forum =P

my bad forget my post!

And sounds COOL!

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