New Mod - No Proxy Server 1.01
I just released a new mod for PCW 1.21... this mod is a "No Proxy Server" mod. What am I talking about? well this mod blocks access to your site from proxy servers. Why do I want to do this? well most site scripts that post crap on your site might be coming from a proxy server. these kiddies use these to hide their true IP from you... thus stopping your efforts from blocking their IP address in the IP Ban section of the admin panel.
Post By CRiSPy 10th Mar 2005, 8:01pm

Comment from Blazer (25th Jun 2005, 7:06am)
??Completly unfair. The biggest ISP in Spain TELEFONICA uses proxy servers for their clients the majority of clients are behind a proxy cahe server.

Comment from Avenger (1st Jul 2005, 6:39am)
??Oh well maybe that ISP will grow a brain and change its ways...

Comment from MASTA_BLASTA (4th Oct 2005, 3:06am)
??large part of the world is behind proxy servers

Comment from dEUS (18th Mar 2006, 12:15pm)
??I just love phpClanWebsite!
But i want to see more mods and themes

Comment from Huggy (14th Apr 2006, 12:46pm)
??So where can i download this please?

Comment from CrazyCracker155 (13th Sep 2007, 10:09am)
??Im sure you know theres proxies that cannot be detected. There will be too many backdoors to this program.

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