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??Phpclanwebsite 1.23 + Fix Pack #2 ( Full Package )
??Abstract (1.2x)
??Abstract-Red Theme (1.2x)
??Phpclanwebsite 1.2x - How-to-theme
??Blue Chrome Theme (1.2x)
??Counter-Strike Theme (1.2x)
??Labs Theme (PCW1.2x)
??Phpclanwebsite 1.23.3 Fix Pack #5
??Americas Army Theme (1.2x)
??Caliclan Theme (1.2x)


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Backup & Restore Mod BETA
?????--> Description:
--> Compressed Backup
--> Backup to server, email, or download
--> Restore MySQL database from server or upload
--> Automatic backup via Cron jobs to email / server
--> Table optimization
--> Many bug fixes
??(Submitted by micro@lps)
9.29 KB 189 Details Download
Download Center Mod for PCW 1.23 BETA
?????--> Description: Adds ability to create sub-categories. Currently in beta testing. Please report errors in the forums on this site under PCW Mods.
Last Updated: October 10, 2006??(Submitted by micro@lps)
22.85 KB 253 Details Download
Forum Latest Posts v2.1b BETA
?????--> Description: Simply pulls info from the forums tables and displays on the homepage. Originally created for PCW 1.21 by fithMorpheus. Ported by and Micro@lps Productions.
Last Updated: June 15, 2006??(Submitted by micro@lps)
3.88 KB 226 Details Download
Forum Mod v1.1 Beta
?????--> Description:
* Subforums
** Inheritable Permissions (NEW)
* Last Edited By / Time
* Quote
* Preview Post
* Multiple Post Delete
* Thread Split
* Moved Thread Redirection (optional)
* Edit Thread updates Post Titles as well (optional)
* Unread icon goes to first unread post
* Includes Forum Latest Posts v2.2
** Optionally display new posts only (NEW)
* Forum Security Permits HTML Content
** Displays what the inherit / default permission will be (NEW)
* Many bug fixes.
Last Updated: Sept. 16, 2007??(Submitted by micro@lps)
78.53 KB 359 Details Download
Theme Changer for v1.23
?????--> Description: This theme will allow you to add a box that will give your users the ability to chose a theme. Append theme names with an underscore (_) to hide from user choices. This is useful for developing themes. Coded by Micro@lps Productions.??(Submitted by micro@lps)
2 KB 199 Details Download
Whos Online Beta
?????--> Description: Ever wanted to know if a user was online? What was the user doing? Based on the Site Stats Box, this mod is a great addition for your site! Read the readme for install instructions.
This mod also adds a security feature to prevent cookie alteration.
* Allows multiple users from same IP (for networks / proxies)
Note: A max of 1 guest listing per IP still exists
* Ensures login and password was not entered manually into cookie
* Shows status 'Playing Music' on MP3 Mod
* Reports User Online Status
Updated: December 21, 2007??(Submitted by micro@lps)
15 KB 317 Details Download


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