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Mods (For 1.23)

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Match Mod v4.0
?????--> Description:

Upgrader from Upcoming Matches v3.x
Signups with reserves
Signup ability by rank
Signup member overrides (rejects and invites)
Match Results with user comments, pics, and demos
Detailed match details, with map pics
And much much more!??(Submitted by micro@lps)
48.7 KB 1477 Details Download
Newest Members
?????--> Description: This mod will display the latest member registered on your site and the latest clan member in a box. Enjoy!
Released: September 10, 2006??(Submitted by micro@lps)
1.29 KB 760 Details Download
Teamspeak Display - PR3
?????--> Description: This mod is a remake of the "TeamspeakDisplay Project" realse of PR3. It will display your teamspeak server list on your website. It doesn't require any additional information besides your TS IP and port number.??(Submitted by CRiSPy)
22.94 KB 1203 Details Download


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