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How to Convert Themes from 1.1x to 1.2x.rar
?????--> Description: This short guide gives you the quick and easy steps you need to convert any 1.1x themes to 1.2x format.??(Submitted by Badadz)
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Phpclanwebsite 1.2x - How-to-theme
?????--> Description: This is the new 1.2x format of the Theming Tutorial. Using this guide you should be able to easily create or modify a theme for your website.??(Submitted by Badadz)
58.94 KB 2358 Details Download
Phpclanwebsite 1.2x Style.css Guide
?????--> Description: This guide will explain the basics of CSS Stylesheets as it applies to Phpclanwebsite Themes.??(Submitted by Badadz)
40.08 KB 834 Details Download
Phpclanwebsite Recovery Tool
?????--> Description: This recovery tool is designed to troubleshoot login problems caused by:

1. Another Admin Sabotaging your site and deleting other admins.

2. Forgetting your Admin Login and Password and not having a correct email in your pcw record.

3. Locking out your site by placing incorrect Admin Cookie Settings in "Advanced Settings.??(Submitted by Badadz)
5.58 KB 709 Details Download
Themes - Converting web pages and other themes Gui
?????--> Description: Converting web pages and other themes Guide??(Submitted by CRiSPy)
359.26 KB 199 Details Download
Manual Phpclanwebsite 1.21 Mysql Import File
?????--> Description: If for some reason your server will not run the Mysql installer that comes with Phpclanwebsite 1.21, then simply use phpmyadmin to import this Raw Mysql export of the Database structure and data.

You will need to edit your admin username and login once you get up and running as leaving it as the below defaults is not very wise.

Login: admin
Password: admin
(Note: these are both all in lowercase letters)??(Submitted by Badadz)
49.18 KB 871 Details Download


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