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Welcome to Phpclanwebsite

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What is Phpclanwebsite? - Phpclanwebsite is a webpage content manager designed specifically for the online gaming community. For clans it not only provides a stunning impressive website, it allows you to manage your members and their details. The nature of clans means that members come and go and to ease the burden of keeping your website up to date, phpclanwebsite has an easy to use member panel that allows a clan admin to easily add, update or remove members from your list. This similtaneously updates multiple areas on your website that relies on this data (Member List, Member access to password protected areas, Members email and msn addresses from your distribution list)

Thats right, make a change that takes less than 5 seconds and all these areas reflect that change without you having to touch html.

Phpclanwebsite also allows you to easily add information like downloads, links, clan links, and this information is immediately updated to your page. Again without touching html !!!

Thats not to say that the pages are inflexible. Html is still a part of some of the input but you do not need to be a html genius to get the result. A few simple commands is all you will need to use and these are covered in detail on this webpage so that any pc user can understand.

This project is similar to Phpnuke which is a truly large and complex content management program. The problem is it just has too many features and is a bit complex for the average user

The goal of Phpclanwebsite is to keep it simple and only include useful clan features in the standard install. There will be addins that can be dropped into the package quite easily but the choice will be yours.

So how much is this great package? - This package is free !!!. Yes it free and released under Phpclanwebsite licence which means you can customise and distribute this as much as you like. We do have a donation link on the main page and would appreciate any donation but this is not compulsory. If you wish to make contributions in the form of mods, themes and php code help then this is most welcome and can be initiated via the forum.

This project is young but in no way second rate !!! The resulting webpages will be truly impressive and you will find it so easy to update and maintain.

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