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Welcome to Phpclanwebsite

What is Phpclanwebsite? Phpclanwebsite is an all encompassing Content Management System originally designed specifically for the online gaming community. Offering a combination of forums, download center, form creation, member management, polls, and more, Phpclanwebsite is poised to change the way you look at websites forever.

The ease of use provided by Phpclanwebsite is unmatched and is constantly improving. Throughout the process, no HTML knowledge is needed and no file alterations necessary. The latest update (Fix Pack #5) released on December 21, 2007 contains numerous 'ease of use' fixes as well as security patches.

How does Phpclanwebsite compare? Phpclanwebsite is designed to keep it simple and only include useful features in the standard install. There are mods that can be dropped into the package quite easily but the choice will be yours. Phpclanwebsite is not a simplified version of another software; it is a complete rewrite with its own set of unique features.

How much is this great package? This package is free !!! Yes it is free and released under Phpclanwebsite licence allowing you to customize and distribute this as much as you like. We do have a donation link on the main page and would appreciate any donation but this is not compulsory.

How can I help? If you wish to make contributions in the form of mods, themes, or coding, please contact microalps on the PM Center. You can also help by providing assistance to others on the PCW forums, spread the word about Phpclanwebsite to friends, link to Phpclanwebsite official site, or even assist in revitalizing the PCW Official Site Design. Any sort of assistance is most greatly appreciated.